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Factors that determine my rates include the size and condition of the photos and whether I will be organizing photos into curated folders. Estimates are subject to change as I review the conditions of the photographs. I will be in contact with you throughout the project and will remain transparent about the cost before it

exceeds the estimate.

I build my estimates based on the rates below.

Slide Scanning 

$0.50 per slide (35mm)


Photo Scanning

$0.40 per photo up to 4x6 in good condition. 

$0.50 per photo 5x7 - 8x10 in good condition.


Damaged or delicate photos

$1.25 per photo



$2.50 per page for photos removed, scanned and replaced (or stored in boxes)



$0.50 per document side, saved as PDF (cards, postcards, letters, notes, recipes, etc.)


USB Drive

$15 16 GB USB Drive

Pick up and Delivery

 $30 within 50 miles of Montague Mass.



Photo/file organization and editing- $35 per hour

Rates are subject to change.


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